Top tips about wedding photography when you’re camera shy

“We both hate being centre of attention and feel awkward having our pictures taken. Therefore it was important for us to have a photographer that had a laid-back style, a good sense of fun and one that was able to capture the setting, atmosphere and important moments perfectly. Emma (Heart Full of Tea) was the ultimate choice. We didn’t give Emma much direction in the build up to the wedding as we felt we could trust her completely, she gave us loads of tips for our day. Emma made us feel so relaxed about the whole Wedding from our initial chat to stepping out of the Wedding Car and seeing her massive welcoming smile. We couldn’t be happier with the finished pictures they are stunning”

___________  ” EMMA MADE US FEEL SO RELAXED – RICHARD & CRAIG ”  ___________

Here are a few top tips and a little bit more about me and how I shoot to help you relax. Nobody wants to feel awkward on their wedding day, you need to be slaying all day long!


All the couples that book me as their photographer, feel super awkward in front of the camera. That is definitely the first thing I hear from all of you! Yet with my experience, I know how to get people to relax and to let your guard down so I can get the best from you. I’m pretty laid back and I really won’t get you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Most people who don’t model for a living aren’t comfy in front of a lens – selfies don’t count! Oh and just because you aren’t comfortable being draped all over your other half doesn’t mean you don’t love them through and through. I will capture you two at your best, naturally. An FYI I did not like my wedding photo’s, this is why I am a wedding photographer now. I get it. I get insecurities, I get wanting to have an awesome day and feel comfortable.


I love doing group photo’s! I’m probably the only photographer that does, or in the minority at least. Although no weird heart shapes please! I will always limit how many we do as I don’t want you both standing around, but equally I have a fun approach to them and help you create a legacy from your day and make your family happy. I get lots of people advising me when it comes to this about positions and light, trust me I don’t need your Uncles advice to make you look awesome!


I charge the price that I do as I am an experienced photographer, you can read about my packages here. Most photographers price themselves on demand, skills and experience. The price of my tailored packages have been worked out by the hour, that includes being available to the lead up to the wedding with plenty of advice to make your day epic! If you’re struggling whether or not to decide on that taco van, or if there is time to squeeze in an evening shoot? Just ask me! I tend to do a couple of planning sessions about 8 weeks before your day. I like to be super organised so on the day you can ask me, “Emma, what’s the time, where should we be…”

bride sticking her finger up grooms nose at quirky fun festival wedding at Owlpen Manor heart full of tea top tips

south Gloucester wedding photographer heart full of tea top tipsbohemian details on brides dress heart full of tea top tipscouple portrait of bohemian bride and long haired groom walking through fields at festival wedding heart full of tea top tipsgroom wearing brown tweed suit heart full of tea top tipsbride wearing amazing huge Hayley Paige dress in Mells near Frome


I absolutely love working with adventurous and creative couples. The non-traditional types, who throw tradition out the window and just do you. If you are planning on wearing morning suits, then I am probably not the photographer for you. And thats ok. There is someone out there for everyone, that’s why I love this wedding industry. I obviously want to create the best and most authentic photo’s I can for you both, full of laughter and a total reflection of you both. Climbing fences, surf machines, glitter bars, festival tipis and non-traditional attire are right up my street! If we have the same ideas on style and life, working together will eb a breeze and you won’t feel awkward with me.


I love a challenge and have been shooting in a variety of lighting conditions for years, including cinemas, old Roman baths, harsh sunlight and those dreaded venue up-lighters. I’m comfortable with various lighting situations. I always shoot in a documentary style to capture what’s in front of me. I also don’t bring loads of kit, it’s just not how I like to shoot. I will always try and shoot with natural light as this is how you also see it on the day. The post-edit is where my consistency of my work shines through in your fully high-res downloadable gallery.

___________  MY COUPLES  ___________

My couples tend to be a bit bohemian, with a mix of glamour and style. They are playful and have good banter! Underneath that they are often slightly geeky, love live music and have most definitely done a fair bit of travelling with some awesome photography to show for it! Thats why investing in photography is never an issue for my couples. I’ve shot a lot of creatives weddings, including designers, actors and musicians. My own background in this reflects in the way I shoot. Plus dogs, did I mention doggo’s? Most of my couples have fur babies that join in on our FaceTimes!

___________  ” BOHEMIAN AND GEEKY ”  ___________

wedding guest caught on her knees with another friend in funny pose heart full of tea top tipsfunny speeches with everyone laughing in the marquee at a seaside themed wedding at Quantock Lakes heart full of tea top tipsfun bride and groom messing about in a field for their photo's with the sunshine in the background heart full of tea top tipscrazy evening dancing to a live band at an amazing festival wedding heart full of tea top tipsgroom best man and usher laughing and messing about in a field for their own special photo at wedding near Mells fromeChinese wedding games in the new forest heart full of tea top tipsbath guildhall fun couple laughing as loads of confetti is thrown over heart full of tea top tips

Want to know more on how do you book, I hear you say? It’s simple!

Send me an email via my contact page with all the wedding information you can supply with me. The more the better, I love hearing about you both! Hopefully I’m free and I will send you my online brochure over to you. This has some slideshows and films for you to watch and a bit more about pricing.  I’m happy to have a FaceTime before you book if you have any questions that you don’t feel I’ve answered.

Send me a happy email of YES PLEASE MAKE ME LOOK AWESOME. I then send over an invoice and you’ll need to pay a non-refundable £350 deposit, this secures your date, with the remaining balance due 1st of the month before your wedding. 


love, emma xo