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Getting Married? Congratulations. I’d love to hear from you. I think it’s really important that you find your match with your wedding photographer, it’s makes the day so much more easier and expressive if you can let go and have a good hug with someone you trust! I love to shoot couples that ooze passion, that dance like no-ones watching and prefer vendors that express their relationship outwardly. On your day you should be relaxed and your cheeks ache from constant smiling and laughing. I am committed to this and the start of your beautiful journey. I love my job and I work hard to ensure that on your day you can just let go, breathe and have fun!

I generally shoot documentary photography, meaning I take a step back and watch you, your friends and family tell the story. I have an obsession with light, be that harsh sunshine or dark shadows. All of which can create an atmospheric photo. I don’t have bags of kit, as I don’t think you need it and I’m not the kind of photographer that will become hung up about technical settings. I shoot where I can with natural light and use an on camera flash for the evening celebrations. That is what I utilise the most from your day, the light and your story. Below are a few stories I’ve documented that might help you understand more about how I work. Every couple gets one of these movies in which ever package you choose.

Wedding’s start from £1,400 for full-day coverage. I also offer bespoke quotes to elopements or smaller weddings wanting less coverage.

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