“ Emma Emma Emma, where do we blimmin' start! You’ve made this so difficult for us, because there is so much we want to say but literally from start to finish every single photo is perfect. You captured it all brilliantly, creatively, naturally and it was all done with such ease and panache. We both feel like we have relived the best day of our lives, and your photos did that. You’re a massive talent! " Anna & Jack

Hiya, I’m Emma. I live in beautiful Bath with my husband, our sleepy tabby cat Chewbacca and a crazy rescue lurcher called Dax. If you get the references then you’re my type of couple! My photography style is a bit geeky, fun relaxed and candid. I absolutely love Bath and my job. I shoot a limited number of weddings a year to keep my eyes fresh and give the couples that book me my time. I really need to get to know you both so on your wedding day I’m like a friend with a camera. 

things i love

>> Travelling, in particular Japan >> Board gaming nights >> Black coffee and brunch is my favourite meal >> My mental doggo and my gentle cat >> Dirty sweaty gigs & dancing >> Whiskey and Craft Beer >> Gaming & Sci-Fi, re-runs of Buffy & X-Files, Star Trek >> Witches, Wizards and Magic >> Avid supporter of animal welfare & environment >> Vegan, but I do eat eggs >> My husband, he's my best friend >>

It’s so important that you find your match with your Wedding Photographer so tell me what you love, tell me what film you like to cuddle up to and watch, tell me your road-trip music, your beach book and your favourite food. I am a particular fan of first date stories, the more the awkward the better! I want to know all about you both!


things my couples say

>> We’re really awkward in front of the camera >> We don’t look cool AF >> We don’t want to spend ages being away from our guests >> Can we bring our dog/baby/cat/guinea pig?

All the couples that book me as their photographer, feel super awkward in front of the camera. That is definitely the first thing I hear from all of you! Yet with my experience, I know how to get people to relax and to let your guard down so I can get the best from you. I’m really laid-back and I like finding out what makes you guys laugh. Those are the photo’s you’ll get. Genuine moments from your day, mostly taken in a candid way. Check out my portfolio to see all my awkward couples!

I charge the price that I do as I am an experienced photographer, you can read about my packages here. Most photographers price themselves on demand, skills and experience. The price of my tailored packages have been worked out by the hour, that includes being available to the lead up to the wedding with plenty of advice to make your day epic! With me you get a bit of advice along the way from the years I’ve been doing this and the awesome suppliers I’d recommend. 

who my couples are

My couples tend to be a bit bohemian, with a mix of glamour and style. They are playful and have good banter! Underneath that they are often slightly geeky, love live music and have most definitely done a fair bit of travelling with some awesome photography to show for it! Thats why investing in photography is never an issue for my couples. I’ve shot a lot of creatives weddings, including designers, actors and musicians. My own background in this reflects in the way I shoot. Plus dogs, did I mention doggo’s? Most of my couples have fur babies that join in on our FaceTimes! I absolutely love working with adventurous and creative couples. I obviously want to create the best and most authentic photo’s I can for you both, full of laughter and a total reflection of you both. Climbing fences, surf machines, glitter bars, festival tipis and non-traditional attire are right up my street!