How to book your wedding photographer

“We both hate being centre of attention and feel awkward having our pictures taken. Therefore it was important for us to have a photographer that had a laid-back style, a good sense of fun and one that was able to capture the setting, atmosphere and important moments perfectly. Emma (Heart Full of Tea) was the ultimate choice. We didn’t give Emma much direction in the build up to the wedding as we felt we could trust her completely. Emma made us feel so relaxed about the whole Wedding from our initial chat to stepping out of the Wedding Car and seeing her massive welcoming smile. We couldn’t be happier with the finished pictures they are stunning”

___________  ” EMMA MADE US FEEL SO RELAXED – RICHARD & CRAIG ”  ___________

Here are a few facts and a little bit more about me and how I shoot.


All the couples that book me as their photographer, feel super awkward in front of the camera. That is definitely the first thing I hear from all of you! Yet with my experience, I know how to get people to relax and to let your guard down so I can get the best from you. I’m pretty laid back and I really won’t get you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Just because you aren’t comfortable being draped all over your other half doesn’t mean you don’t love them through and through.


I love doing group photo’s! I’m probably the only photographer that does, or in the minority at least. Although no weird shapes please! I will always limit how many we do as I don’t want you both standing around, but equally I have a fun approach to them and help you create a legacy from your day and make your family happy.


I charge the price that I do as I am an experienced photographer, you can read about my packages here. Most photographers price themselves on demand, skills and experience. The price of my tailored packages have been worked out by the hour, that includes being available to the lead up to the wedding with plenty of advice to make your day epic! If you’re struggling whether or not to decide on that taco van, or if there is time to squeeze in an evening shoot? Just ask me! I tend to do a couple of planning sessions about 8 weeks before your day. I like to be super organised so on the day you can ask me, “Emma, what’s the time, where should we be…”

bride sticking her finger up grooms nose at quirky fun festival wedding at Owlpen Manorsouth Gloucester wedding photographerbohemian details on brides dress(more…)

Recommended Hair & MAU Suppliers

last touches to brides makeup being done at the Curradine barns



The excitement of the morning where a lot of your preparation comes together for the look you want to wow over your beau! If you want to feel relaxed all day long and not worry about your hair or makeup then you need to check out these amazing suppliers. Its doesn’t matter what kind of look you want to create, whether it’s dramatic, natural,  or that gorgeous boho look these amazing creatives will be sure to work with what you’ve already got.

Recommend Music Suppliers

crazy evening dancing to a live band at an amazing festival wedding



Bands, bands, bands. Yes there is literally nothing better than live music on your wedding day. Get rid of those cheesy DJs that feel you need to start your night off with SClub 7. If you want to start it with a bit of Rage for your first dance, then why the hell not! Also having a bit of live music during your reception can really keep the atmosphere fresh. I’ll be sharing a few videos here very soon!

Recommended Floral Suppliers

unusual dark and wild botanicals for wedding bouquet


Definitely one of my favourite elements to photograph on your wedding day. The bigger and bolder the better. Over the years I’ve gotten to know some wonderful florists, they are a super creative bunch and can offer an insight into your vision to make it a reality. Bold floral instalments are sometimes the start of framing your day, or simple rustic bouquets to enhance your outfit, I can’t wait to share more!

Recommended Fashion Accessories

wrist bands at festival wedding for guests to wear



These are the details I LOVE. Festival style wedding pieces that are out of the ordinary, colourful, glittery and fun,  These little showstoppers are what can give your day that edge and really outwardly reflect your personalities. Think sparkly embellishments, stand out headpieces, retro clothing and bold festival wear and so much more.

Recommended Dress Suppliers

bride wearing Emma Tindley lace top and layered skirt walking through apple orchard at Mells walled garden


You are totally spoilt for choice with this category. Bespoke wedding dresses, stylish couture designs, vintage inspired numbers, alternative quirky gowns, down to street brought dresses for £20. I am really well placed to showcase what I feel is a privileged position on the morning of a wedding to see all these wonderful dresses. I can’t wait to share more!

Why Japan should be on your Honeymoon destination list

Ok, here we go! I have been meaning to write this for AGES. I’m pretty sure most people that know me well know about my obsession with Japan. Then there are those that don’t know me, but within half an hour of speaking to me I’m pretty sure I’ll have mentioned Japan! I’ve been lucky enough to visit and travel fairly extensively there not once (5 weeks) but twice (3 weeks) and I wanted to share why this creative destination should be on your honeymoon list! Japan has so much to offer everyone. This post is lengthy, but bear in mind I probably have about 2000+ photo’s from Japan so be thankful I’ve trimmed it down!

I was thinking how they hell am I going to do this. Where do I start. There is just so much I can share with you, plus this post will take on a slightly geeky element as I love video gaming and so does my husband. Therefore we did spend a large portion of our time indulging our passion, in particular Dan! BUT we also saw so much more than the dizzy heights of Akihabara and certainly more than enough to give you some inspiration for a honeymoon. I thought the best way I can do it is as an exploration of different locations we visited rather than an itinerary, but there are parts that I’d suggest as an itinerary. Like a pick’n’mix!

I’ve picked out the locations that I would definitely revisit and assigned photo’s to those areas. There are a few places that we went that I haven’t included, so this isn’t a limited list. I’ve tried to do it in an order of easy reach within each location, although most of Japan is pretty easy to get around so it doesn’t overly matter. Especially as the trains run to time, within the second I’ll add and to where your feet are as the doors of the train stop where your seats are. I also don’t want to give you an overload of information so I’m going to try and keep it snappy to each area. With regards to hotels, we stayed in a real mix of hotels, but the first time we used Toyoko Inns a fair bit, as they are relatively cheap and uber clean if you want to save some money; think of them as the Japanese version of Premier Inn! Then we splurged on where we wanted a bit of luxury.

I would highly recommend getting a SIM care whilst you are out there, so you can use data and google maps to get directions. I honestly don’t know how visitors or tourists get around Japan without that! It can be a tricky lace to navigate in terms of street directions. Alongside that I would also consider staying close to the main JR stations as it makes transport much easier and you will need to get a Japan Rail pass before you go. Like a multi-pass from Fifth Element! Start the day with a coffee and a hearty breakfast and plan your route! If you don’t already use FourSquare, then download it before you go, it will help you with food and restaurant recommendations. Although you can’t really go wrong in Japan, it’s pretty common to have smaller meals, so if you don’t like the place you’re in just move on! I don’t think we’ve had a bad meal either time we went, which is pretty impressive and says a lot about Japan.

I think the other thing I would say, is that you have to be fairly fit on your feet. There is a lot of walking involved which may seem obvious, even though it’s fairly flat you can easily walk 5-7 miles a day as a minimum if you’re sight-seeing. Plus a lot of the temple sights are surrounded by steps from being generally raised up. Get used to taking your shoes off too, I hope they don’t smell after all that walking, clean socks are a must! As a last cavet, this is literally just me saying what I thought of our two trips there, I am fully aware (thanks internet trolls) that there are other places to explore and that some of my knowledge might not be completely factual, but I love Japan and I just thought I’d share! With that said, I’m going to crack on and talk to you about these amazing destinations.


Magical Festival Wedding with axe throwing at Owlpen Manor Estate

bride and groom laughing at their first dance

“Thank you so so so much for our INCREDIBLE wedding photographs!!!! Looking through them was such a special experience and it really helped us to relive the day. We’ll be looking at these memories for the rest of our lives. We can’t wait to share them and we honestly can’t thank you enough. You absolutely captured everything we could ask for and more, the whole story is there. Thank you!”

When Max and Sonnie first got in touch with me about their fun filled wedding in Gloucestershire at Owlpen Manor, I was so excited! They were planning the craziest quirky filled festival wedding with a magician, a fireworks display, home-made lawn games and even an axe throwing competition! Max and Sonnie are the sweetest people, really easy-going and have great easy conversation; the closer their date dawned, the more I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding! I talk so much in my pre-booking literature about how important it is to get along with your photographer and these guys just made that a breeze. I rocked up at Owlpen Manor, where the boys were relaxing before the big event in one of the many cottages. I love the fact that you can all stay on site at Owlpen Manor, it’s always one of my favourite things about a venue. It takes away a lot of stress and hassle! Plus if you get your timings right I can do a bit of groom preparation before I see the girls. Max and his mates, were pretty chilled playing music, drinking champagne and Woody (their dog) was loving life!

The wedding took place in the church on the grounds of Owlpen Manor and it looked beautiful with candles lining the aisle, really glamorous. They have an amazing bunch of talented friends (most of them being actors) and one of Max’s usher played and sang on his guitar at the ceremony. What a voice!! I think nearly everyone was brought to tears. Especially as their dog was sat on Max’s best man’s lap throughout just looking right at me, I’m pretty sure he was the one that got me going!! Woody is adorable and was loving all the attention he got on the day, plus a few snacks too! Keep scrolling to see and read more about their day…

groom and friends in tweed suits at owlpen manor wedding venue(more…)

Dewsall Court Wedding Photography

dewsall court wedding tablesMain house at Dewsall Wedding Venue Fire pit at Dewsall Court Wedding Venue

It’s another week, another wedding blog.  This one is changing direction a little and I’m sharing some of my commercial work. I love the Wedding industry, there are so many like-minded businesses that want to attract their ideal client and Commercial Photography can be just what you need to show the world how fab you and your vision can be. 

I’ve had the upmost pleasure to work with Dewsall Court back in 2017 on a Winter Event and it was great fun! With snow, a cracking fire and home-made bread smell wafting in the background honestly, whats not to like! The whole team are just a delight to work with too. They’ve worked alongside Erica from Mr&Mrs Unique to ensure they are setting their brand apart and it’s been a wonderful process to get to know this amazing human along the way!

We collaborated and revisited Dewsall Court once again, but this time focussing on the main house and venue as a whole to refresh their website and marketing photography. I sometimes think as a prospective couple I would always be thinking how can I make my day unique, how can I not be another couple on a conveyor belt. There are lots of great venues that achieve this, but this is why I want to give a shout out to Dewsall, as it really is a special place for creating a unique feel for your day. Plus I always think the toilets at venues say so much about a place, and this one has them to die for!! Ahh the amazing Timorous Beasties wallpaper ( Keep reading to see what I mean! (more…)

Jenny and Dan’s Surfing Seaside Wedding at Quantock Lakes

bride and groom drinking from pineapples at Quantock LakesWhen Jeni and Dan first got in touch with me about their cool wedding in Quantock Lakes, I was so excited! They had loads so ideas planned for their day and when I heard about the surf machine I was totally sold. A surf machine, I mean c’mon! This was just a part of their day, which was super sunny and really refreshing to be at Quantock Lakes, which is a pretty amazing location. They are pretty laid back and the loveliest loveliest people. Jeni wore an AMAZING dress with pockets, who doesn’t love this feature in a dress nowadays, and Dan looked so dapper. The wedding took place in the Barn at Quantock, and had a total beach theme. The flowers from Sarah, at The Petal Shed were just so pretty. You know when you’re on holiday and you get that fresh sea smell, the flowers totally reflected this, a spray of summer! Oh and I’ve never seen or heard a bride shout “look at me” when they get to the end of the aisle, it was hilarious and super cute! Jeni you rock!! Dan is an amazing graphic designer by day and had put so much effort into creating amazing stationary and posters, it tied the whole seaside theme together, I kind of fell in love with Boozy Suzie the Seal!!

Keeping reading to hear Jeni & Dan’s story of the day! Plus the swing band at the end of night were just fabulous and definitely kept everyone on the dance floor! (more…)

Jen & Matt’s Woodland Inspired Curradine Barns Wedding

bride and groom standing in Curradine barn cow shed

I’ve been waiting to share this one, are you ready, it’s quite long which I make no apologies for, go get a cuppa and sit and read through their amazing woodland inspired wedding at the Curradine Barns; loads of delicious food, real ale and RSPB pin badges. Jenny and Matt have just been on-going friends since they booked me a good 18 months in advance of their day. This one was super lovely as well as I got married at the Curradine Barns too. This year is my 10th Wedding Anniversary and I still get goosebumps thinking about our day. “We know Emma through mutual friends and our hometowns are just a few miles apart – instant connection!! Her photos are stunning but always so natural, never staged, full of life, colour, fun and charm. Just what we wanted. She was the one and only photographer we approached – thank the lord she was free! Our wedding photos are just perfect! They’ve immortalised the love we felt from friends and family on the day forever. They capture the fun and carefree feeling of our wedding wonderfully.”

Ahhh the delectable Matt and Jenny, what amazing people you are! I’m pretty sure the sun moved closer to the earth that day by how hot it was and the amount of sweat I lost… it was SO HOT and a bit tricky with the blazing sun (us photographers are never happy!!)… but their wedding was just incredible. I’m a total sucker for details and their day was full of personal touches that expressed them both and elements that had stories behind them. I loved the fact that when we went for a walk in the evening golden sun on their wedding day, Jenny could tell me the the names of the birds we could hear singing. I love that they love a pint of ale, that Jen made her own wedding cake and sent me photo’s of it in the fridge, that they are their best in each others company and that Jenny stood up and not only did a speech, but also talked about her mental health and what a positive effect Matt had had on that. So proud of you and hooray for teamwork! Jenny has done a fantastic write-up so I’m totally letting her take the reins on this one! Enjoy! (more…)

Richard & Craig’s Roman Baths Wedding

gay wedding couple at Roman baths

Richard and Craig got married at The Roman Baths and it was super stylish. I’ve been so looking forward to blogging this wedding, I LOVE it. Hugely steeped in history, with its origins dating back 2000 years, it really is a truly magical setting that will definitely make your guests go wow! Richard got in touch a couple of years ago and saved their date in advance. Richard said, “Our plan was to have a small and simple wedding in a city we love. We wanted a venue that would create ever lasting memories for ourselves and our guests. There was only one location in the historic City of Bath that would do. The Roman Baths with its history, architecture, unique atmosphere and the option to have a twilight ceremony made it the perfect setting.”

Ahh look at them, so incredible, that photo that I shared of Richard and Craig on instagram (the one above) has had the most likes, shares, views and enquiries from a wedding I’ve ever shot!! Emma from Coco Wedding Venues also featured this wedding so I’m pleased to finally share it too. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Roman Baths too; having got to know this place pretty well over the last couple of years, the venue is pretty versatile. Upstairs in the Pump Room, there is a choice of rooms, and the venue can therefore cater for intimate groups as well as much larger wedding parties for up to 200 guests. It can be a pretty tricky venue to photograph, as its quite dark and once you lose the light it really does need a bit of flash here and there. I think if that is the kind of look you are going for though, over sun drenched fields for example then that’s fine. I always make sure that my couples understand this though, as I like to be able to shoot creatively and if you’re up for that it’s a fantastic place to get some really cool shots! Plus, what could be more romantic and impressive than exchanging your vows amid the flickering torchlight and rising steam from the waters of the Great Bath?


Glastonbury Festival Inspired Wedding with Pizza and Tie Dye

festival wedding at Glastonbury

This wedding is still a firm favourite, I know you are going to LOVE it and it’s perfect for inspiration! The lovely Kelly from Boho featured this wedding and I think the way she describes it is just perfect “It’s a Festival themed wedding held at the brides parents home, with the ceremony in the front garden and the reception in the back! It’s a real celebration of love, colour, vibrant patterns, DIY, and so much fun and laughter! Lauren and Jay really made their wedding a family and friends affair, with so many people pitching in and helping make their day a wedding to remember. From the amazing rag bunting, to the tie died table clothes, the whole look and feel of this wedding is bang on! With a glitter bar, dressing up area, Pizza ovens and a hot dog stand, everything about it is cool, relaxed and full of joy. Even the dogs got in on the wedding action.”

I’m totally starting from the beginning with this one, as I think it gives you a huge insight into how I work and the relationships I form with my couples. So, are you ready!! (more…)

Walled Garden Mells, Anna & Jack

bride and groom standing in field with smoke bomb at Mells walled garden

“Emma Emma Emma, where do we blimmin’ start! You’ve made this so difficult for us, because there is so much we want to say to you and I want to be able to write so that it does it justice, but literally from start to finish every single photo is perfect. Fact! You captured it all brilliantly, creatively, naturally and it was all done with such ease and panache. We both feel like we have relived the best day of our lives, and your photos did that. You’re a massive talent!”

Ahhh how lovely is that to read when you’ve just delivered a wedding, the best! When Anna and Jack first got in touch with me about their pizza filled wedding at the Walled Garden in Mells, I was so so excited. They were planning a really fun barn wedding with plenty of home-made touches such as cute succulents for table name holders, a traditional artisanal creperie (oh my these were good!!) and cocktails on request from Event Bars South West. Anna and Jack are the loveliest people, we had great video calls leading up to their day and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

black and white bridal portrait at the Talbot inn at Mells(more…)