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bride at owl pen manor shoving cake into grooms face which goes all over his beard

How to cope with Corona Virus and your Wedding Plans

By now we’re all aware of the severity of Coronavirus, and probably exhausted from the worry of it all. I know I am! Most of my couples know that I am a Heart Failure Nurse Specialist. I am also a Wedding Photographer. I have had lots of messages regarding advice...

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group photo of groom lifting up kid who is mis behaving to get him to laugh at pennard house somerset

How to plan a relaxed Wedding Day

So exciting times are ahead... Its already February, how did that happen! Which means you are into wedding planning if you are getting hitched this year.  But don't panic, I'm here to spread a bit of light on planning a relaxed wedding day. My previous couples...

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small grazing table setup for two in bath for an elopement wedding

Are you planning your Vegan or Vegetarian Wedding

Have you ever considered having a vegan or vegetarian wedding? Are you yourself a vegetarian, vegan, or full on meat eater? Decided on your Wedding breakfast yet?  For those getting married in 2018, its around now or in the New Year you usually get invited for...

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ali and dom prezola owners

Meeting the team at Prezola in my home city of Bath.

In these colder days whilst I'm not shooting I'm catching up on some blogging, showcasing what I've been up to this year. Today I thought we’d have a little nosey around the Prezola HQ which is located in the truly beautiful City of Bath. I love Bath so much,...

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