My photography work means the absolute world to me and I’ve found myself capturing more and more snippets of film as you guys have been adding in so many quirky details to your day and I can’t help but record it! I blame my awesome couples for my tinkering! I think a wedding highlight film brings a totally different visual to your day, and allows me to capture and pick up on things that enhance your final set of photo’s. Hopefully you will think this too!

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How does it work I here you ask? // Will David Attenborough narrate it?

I wish, can you imagine! It literally works the same way as I photograph, unobtrusive and a bit fly on the wall, you wont even know I’m doing both. It’s filmed on the same Mark IV camera I’m shooting your wedding on, sneaky see! 



Prices are £450 for a 3-5 minute highlight film, and go well with the STOCKY LAB package as that includes a second shooter. That’s a pretty good deal for a film and a second shooter! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of receiving some amazing feedback from the wedding highlight films and my couples are loving them. It just adds that movement to your day and that extra legacy to your marriage. All that hard work that goes into your day, you get to see in motion. Plus having a second shooter means that they can capture those extra stills, whilst I’m filming your amazing ceremony backdrop blowing in the wind, or your guests cheering their champagne glasses together!

I always say that these highlight films do not replace a professional videographers, if you want a feature film of your day that includes dialog I know some awesome videographers that can do that for you, just ask me! I also don’t record the sound or your speeches, the films are 3-5 minutes highlights of your day with a properly licensed song that encapsulates the fun so you can relive it over and over. I also don’t offer re-edits as the end product is all your best bits put together to match the flow of your day. Sit back and grab a glass of something and watch the samples below!

wedding films

client love

We have watched it so many times over the weekend and absolutely love it!

– Holly & Alex

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